Carpet Repair, Coloring, and Protection – Restoration

Carpet Restoration is a process used to rejuvenate worn-out and filthy carpets. Here at Omni we use a mixture of several techniques  to give your carpeting in your home, business,  auto, classic car, yacht and so many other types of carpet fibers the look and feel of new carpeting using a complete steam cleaning, colored stain removal processes and when required, carpet dyeing tones and tints.

Effective Carpet Protection
Omni Cleaning Services uses a water-based carpet protection solution that is applied to carpet to repel soiling and to help carpet and fabric from absorbing stains. This does not replace steam cleaning your fabric based materials. However, carpet protection effectively helps to protect carpets and fabrics. As with all stains and dirt, the sooner you clean carpet and fabric stains, the easier it is to prevent future resoiling.

Benefits of Carpet Protection Solution: Carpeting acts as a filter. By using carpet protection, air and surface dirt is lessened, spills and dirt can be wiped up easily, and interiors are cleaner and last longer. Carpet protection is a critical component in prolonging the lifetime of carpet, office partitions and chairs.

Quality Carpet Repair
Carpet Repair Before & AfterCarpet repair is a method of restoring or mending areas of carpet that are loose, frayed or torn.

Benefits of Carpet Repair: Repairing your carpet preserves the life of your carpet and reduces trip hazards. Omni Cleaning Services repairs loose carpet seams, frayed carpet, and carpet tears.

Repairing detached or loose carpet is best done as quickly as possible in order avoid irreparable carpet damage or carpet replacement.

Quality Color Correction and Repair
Color Repair is a technique used to reintroduce color back into carpet and fabric. Sometimes acid or alkaline spills can remove or alter the color of fabric, upholstery or carpet. Color correction can be an alternate option to carpet replacement or reupholstering.

Benefits of Color Repair: Color repair can eliminate fabric and upholstery discoloration that cannot be cleaned out of the fabric or upholstery.